To participate in Denver Fitness Week, please pick up your punch card at our Kickoff Event or any day following at the participating studios. You must present your punch card at each studio prior to taking the class. Please also read the specific instructions below from each studio on how to book:



Atherial is a boutique fitness studio in Denver whose roots are in Pilates, yoga and barre. Their core is defined by: Volo Aerial Fitness & Yoga, Volo Suspended Barre and Atherial Yoga Board Fitness. Atherial seeks to create a welcoming community where students of any level can practice and grow under the instruction of expert teachers.  For all classes (including Barre classes): eat at least 1.5 hours before class, wear snug fitted workout clothing, bring a mat & towel, and bring water. If you forget your mat, they have rentals for $2.

How to Book: Click on the Book Class button to the right. Select Single Class Drop In under Classes. Upon check out, enter promo code: DFW17Must present punch card in studio. Must redeem between May 15th-21st 2017.

3905 Fox St, Denver, CO  | get directions | (720) 613-9293 

The Barre Code

The Barre Code Denver is a boutique women's fitness studio located in Downtown Denver. Seven class styles, including traditional barre classes, heated classes, kickboxing, HIIT, and a restorative stretch class, create a comprehensive program that will leave you burning for hours after you leave the studio! The Barre Code offers it's members more than a great full-body workout; it is also a lifestyle that empowers women to find their strongest self and embrace their #RockyMountainThighs.

How to Book: Click on the Book Class button to the right. Select the Single Class option under Barre Classes and enter promo code: DFW17 at checkoutMust present punch card in studio. Must redeem between May 15th-21st 2017.

2252 Larimer Street, Denver, CO | get directions | (303) 704-4901

Cycle Bar

CYCLEBAR® is the only premium indoor cycling studio in the DTC area. We’re an energizing brand with a concierge-level service and a rock concert environment. We ensure every CycleBar ride is an unparalleled multisensory journey that connects people together of all fitness levels. The CycleBar Ride offers a perfectly choreographed mix of upper body work, hills and drills—and an intoxicating fusion of mind, body, and music. We are the perfect place for a mind-blowing cardio workout.

How to Book: Head over to our website at and click on the Book a Class button to the right and create an account. Add a drop-in class to your account and use the Promo Code: DFW17. The price will drop to $7.  Denver Fitness Week Riders must book ahead of time as classes sell out.

DTC | 7600 Landmark Way Suite 201-A Greenwood Village, CO  | get directions | (303) 927-6889


Fierce45 is Denver’s premiere Lagree Fitness Megaformer studio with three metro-Denver locations and a workout unlike any other. Our classes are 45-minutes of high-intensity, low-impact, mindful movement, and the hardest workout you’ll ever do. You’ll work your entire body using slow, continuous, controlled movement for the most effective cardio, strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance exercise. Your body will shake, the sweat will drip, and you’ll leave fully exhausted and wanting more.

How to Book: SPACE IS LIMITED AND CLASSES MUST BE RESERVED IN ADVANCE.  Please create an account (or login to your account if you’ve taken a class with us previously) through and use the promocode:  DFW2017 on the “Denver Fitness Week Drop-In” to change the class price to $7.  Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class for a machine demo. Sticky socks are required and can be purchased or rented at the studio.

Hilltop | 335 Holly St, Denver, CO |  get directions | (303) 333-4950

Wash Park | 527 E Mississippi Ave, Denver, CO | get directions | (516) 353-8100



No traditional workout can provide elite-level results in 36 minutes or less. No traditional fitness plan can match the efficiency of the FIT36® workout. FIT36® does high intensity interval training / HIIT and they do it like no one else. Once you HIIT at FIT36®, you won’t want to HIIT anywhere else. FIT36® is modern training for the modern athlete. They use everything from kettlebells to TRX®and beyond, and they use it in intervals. FIT36® uses movements you never thought existed and movements you use every day. Combined together, these movements can build strength and improve athleticism.

How to Book: DFW participants will receive one class for just $7* plus a bonus free week  to ANY of the Denver FIT36 locations! Each participant taking a class at a FIT36 studio will also have the chance to win ONE UNLIMITED MONTH of classes.  Click on the Book Class button to the right and select Free Trial Week. *Mention Denver Fitness Week in the comments section for the extra class at just $7! 

DTC | 8000 E Belleview Ave. #B80 Greenwood Village, CO | get directions | (720) 501-4995

Highlands | 3774 Julian St Denver, CO | get directions | (720) 961-1833

LODO | 2110 Market Street Denver, CO | get directions | (303) 710-6762

Fitwall.Logotype.Tagline-CMYK copy.jpg


At Fitwall, we deliver the best fitness experience in the world. We believe fitness should be fun and effective. We use technology to inspire, guide, monitor and track progress. We have personality and express it creatively. Because serious fitness need not be boring: it can be accessible, inviting, fun and life-changing. The outcome is Fitwall, the future of fitness. It's not about training longer or harder. It's time to train smarter. Fast Company: World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Fitness. As featured in The Huffington Post, SELF, Fast Company, Greatist, Women’s Health, RTL, The Washington Post,, well+GOOD, Men’s Fitness, CNET, TechCrunch, The CW, Refinery 29 and more.

How to Book:  Select the Fitness Week Option under Plans & Pricing on under Denver's location page.  Must present punch card in studio.  Can only purchase and redeem between May 15th - May 21st.

2795 Speer Blvd #2, Denver, CO | get directions | (720) 940-0574


Hot Mamas Exercise

Strong. Empowered. Sexy. Hot Mamas is Denver’s only women’s-only studio with classes designed to work and maintain a feminine physique. Through our unique, proven approach, Hot Mamas delivers in all the areas that women want to focus. Results? Long, lean, strong, sexy, feminine bodies.

How to Book: Click on the Book Class button to the right. Select the Services tab and then GroupClasses on the dropdown menuSelect the Group Excercise 1 Class and enter promo code: SEXYSWEAT at checkoutMust present punch card in studio. Must redeem between May 15th - May 21st.

701 S Logan St, Denver, CO | get directions | (303) 296-2609

Natalie Uhling Fitness

Natalie Uhling is a leading fitness industry guru dedicated to high-energy, powerful, core-blasting workouts. Her innovative NUFit™ program fuses the best elements of cardio and spot toning in a 1-hour high intensity, music-blasting workout. Passionate about enriching the human experience, NUFit™ merges music and movement in an unconventional way. Come immerse yourself in the energy! What to expect: Each NUFit™ class is crafted around the concept of “experiential fitness”, one filled with intensity, passion, spontaneity, creativity and unique functional movements. NUFit™ is THE place to cultivate and develop your true athletic self through movement.

How to Book: Click on the Book Class button to the right. Create an account, then select Single. Enter promo code DFW17 at checkout.

CAC Union Station | 1601 Wewatta St, Denver, CO | get directions | (303) 623-1601


The Rebel Workout

We are a rebel tribe. Our REBEL Workout team is comprised of students and teachers, all looking to re-envision health and movement. Challenging and form focused, our workouts complement your lifestyle. Effectively taking everything into consideration, we learn how to craft a workout specifically for your body. Sweating under one roof, our hearts pound in sync. Our effective small group training methods combine a variety of functional training and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) techniques. A diverse workout stimulates the body, without letting you plateau. Working in a personalized group training environment, we employ high intensity interval training, functional strength movements, and dynamic power workouts along with cycle, barre, boxing and yoga.

How to Book: Click on the Book Class button to the right. Create an account, then select Single. Enter promo code DFW17 at checkout.

324 S Broadway, Denver, CO | get directions | (720) 822-9212

The River Power Vinyasa Yoga

As teachers and students of The River, we create the best yoga experience possible for everyBODY and all walks of life. We seek to see the light in each person, speak truth, honor difference and reclaim respect and appreciation for our bodies. We are influencers in our communities. We believe in one another’sdreams and celebrate individual and communal life-changes, as well as our unfolding personal legends. We exemplify what it means to live our yoga on and off the mat. Our yoga moves through the self, past the self, and into oneness in the world, creating deeper relationships inside and outside our River “banks”.

How to Book: Click on the Book Class button to the right. Create an account, then select Single. Enter promo code fitweek2017 at checkout.

1212 Delaware St, Denver, CO | get directions | (720) 381-6070


TerraFly Pilates

Whether you’re a first timer, weekend warrior, or somewhere in between, reap the benefits of the ever-changing, always challenging classical Pilates offering at TerraFly Pilates™. Our certified instructors teach the classical Pilates method, focusing on Joseph Pilates’ 6 key principals: breath, centering, concentration, control, flow, and precision. With privates, duets, trios, small group classes and memberships available, we pride ourselves on providing personalized instruction for adults and kids (ages 8 & up). Achieve balance and freedom through mindful movement in our vibrant, community centric space, and improve your overall fitness and well being with each and every session. Root down and grow wings at TerraFly Pilates™.

How to Book: Click on the Book Class button to the right. Select the Single Session option under Mat Classes or Equipment Classes and enter promo code: DFW2017 at checkoutMust present punch card in studio. Must redeem between May 15th-21st 2017.

13 E 4th Ave, Denver, CO | get directions | (720) 432-7190